Monday, August 20, 2007

'Daily Musings' changed to 'Bi-Yearly Musings'

One of my colleague at work has been giving me a hard time about the title of my blog 'Daily Musings' and rightly so, since I haven't updated my blog for a while now.
So I am going to officially change the title to 'Bi-Yearly Musings' till I start blogging more frequently.
I just got done with my Summer Semester and since I like to challenge myself sometimes, I took 2 accounting courses at once--BIG MISTAKE. I am glad that I got done and although I haven't got the grades back, I will be happy with whatever I get.
My next semester starts on Sep-5 and it's a non-stop 10 week grind after that. I am hoping to make the most of the break that I have before school starts again.


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Rossa said...

You write very well.