Saturday, March 17, 2007

India LOSE to Bangladesh (Pakistan Lose to Ireland)

What a Day! Would anyone have believed this before the World Cup started?
Today being St. Patrick's day, the Irish didn't need another reason to celebrate but their cricket team pulled out a stunner and defeated Pakistan causing them to crash out of the world cup and there is a pretty good chance India might be following them.

Every Indian cricket fan's worst nightmare has come true. India lost to Bangladesh in the first match of the cricket world cup. And I had the misfortune of watching it live (maybe buffering) on StreamBox. This online service has the CBN channel which has cricket on it. It is really bad and I probably saw about 20 mins real-time and the rest was just stop and go transmission.

Back to the match, India's much vaunted batting line-up crumbled and scored a pathetic total of 191. Bangladesh never looked in trouble chasing the score and they were helped by some really indifferent Indian bowling and fielding. This doesn't look like a team which is here to win anything, they almost gave up before it even started. There was no enthusiasm at all. Now they have been put into a situation where they need to win all their remaining group matches against Bermuda(they must be fancing their chances now) and against the in-form Sri Lanka.

There is a real chance of India bowing out of the World Cup before the Super-8. What a disaster that's going to be? I feel sorry for the people who had booked their tickets to the Caribbean expecting to watch the much hyped India-Pakistan match on April-15. That's not going to happen now. A Bangladesh-Ireland match looks more likely now.

India have dug themselves into a big hole and they don't have anybody to blame but themselves. It's going to take a minor miracle for them to dig out of this hole. Or else be prepared to see people burning effigies of Indian cricketers on the road.
I just hope that nothing of this sort happens and they make into the Super-8 and to the semi-finals.