Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Caste/ Sub-Caste Ahhh..

Anytime one of my friends over here start asking me about the caste system, I try to give them the canned explanation that there are many castes in India, sub-castes, the basis that they have been divided on, blah blah blah. Although I can't say that I know everything about the caste system, atleast I had my caste/subcaste figured out or that's what I thought. Wrong. As a matter of fact I don't know much about my caste or to be precise, my sub-caste. All this time I have been thinking that I belong to the 'Konar' sub-caste which happens to be my surname as well. But after talking to my parents last week, I realized that 'Konar' is actually my caste and my sub-caste is called 'PuthukkanNatar'. Am I glad that I didn't take that as my surname. 'Muthukumar Konar' sounds mouthfull enough, imagine introducing yourself as 'Muthukumar Konar PuthukkanNatar' or writing that on every application forms that I have ever filled up :)

You learn something new everyday and this is what I learned on that particular day.



Ramster said...

Hi Muthukumar,
I am also a konar, My name is Ramkumar. I was looking up for details about konars when I ran into your post. looking at ur profile u had my favourite movies listed and im a makara too LOL
you on facebook? my email address is ramster6 @ gmail.com , send me an email somtime, KIT

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