Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All set to go.

I am all set to go to India after about 18 months now and did I need this vacation really bad. I haven't taken a vacation this entire year trying to save up all my vacation days for this trip. But my vacation doesn't start officially till Dec-5.
It's kind of hard to go during Christmas since it's the time of the year where you see bright lights, christmas carols and everybody seems to be happy and having a good time. Also will be breaking my routine of going to NY for Christmas for the 3rd straight year but I made up for it by visiting NY in October.
Back to my vacation schedule, have to go to Bangalore on an official trip for a week and then back to Bombay for a day and then fly back with my parents to my native-place in Tirunelveli. My folks are sure going to be excited seeing me after a long gap and also to travel in a plane for the first time in their life. I had to book a Air Deccan flight but I wish I could have taken them on a better airline like Kingfisher or Jet Airways. Trivandrum which is in Kerala doesn't have lot of options and it's kind of funny that it's closer to my place which is in Tamilnadu, a different state. But the way things are happening in the aerospace industry it won't be long before there is a connecting flight to Tirunelveli, asking for a direct flight will be too much.
Can't end this post before mentioning the shopping that I have done. Had to study for an exam till the very last moment so didn't got much time to shop. I still managed to buy a Sony DVD Handycam, IPod Touch(it's really sleek), couple of noise-cancelling headphones, memory cards and the customary chocolates.
I am going to be back on Jan-21 and start my Spring semester the same week and with 3+2 classes back to back, will be really busy in the spring and the summer.
Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and a happy new year to anyone who reads this post which I doubt there are many :)


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altamaiz said...

Hey, have a good trip!
Maybe you'll be able to post while you're on vacation, so we don't forget about you...